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Zinc for Anxiety: Evidence and Product Reviews

Zinc is a mineral that is primarily used in the body for growth and to maintain you physiologically, particularly in relation to things like immunity, wound healing, clotting as well as many other important functions. 

The human body needs zinc to activate t cells (a type of immune cell), and some may be particularly susceptible to zinc deficiency, such as those with dietary restrictions (e.g. vegetarians), and those who suffer from certain disorders such as anorexia or alcoholism, as these can prevent absorption of Zinc.

As we can see, Zinc is very important for your body.

As well as this, many authorities on wellness and healthy living have noted that there are many other bonuses to taking Zinc, such as regulating blood sugar and its antioxidant properties which may help reduce the chance of someone developing cancer. 

However, the most widely discussed benefit of supplementing with zinc is the fact that it may improve the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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Nature's Potent Zinc

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Zinc Orotate Powder

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Pure Micronutrients Zinc Supplement

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Zinc for Anxiety: What is the Evidence?

Research of evidence is positive in suggesting that Zinc can help lessen the symptoms of anxiety. It is a really important mineral for the brain, and, if you have a low level of zinc in your diet, it could result in behavioral disturbances and lower brain function.

One study with 1600 depressed patients and a control group found that those with chronic depression had lower levels of Zinc, and supplementing with zinc alongside antidepressants was more effective than antidepressants alone.

Likewise the National institute of Health concurs. They claim that supplementing as well as taking antidepressants can be extremely effective in treating major depression. They mention Citalopram in particular, which is an SSRI. Citalopram + Zinc led to an increase of zinc levels in the areas of the brain that were facilitative of improved mood.

The belief is that zinc and serotonin have a symbiotic relationship, so if you have an effective serotonin mechanism, then this will improve the effectiveness of zinc.

This has been further investigated in other controlled studies that have shown that if people supplement with zinc as well as imipramine there was a reduction of the symptoms of depression.

As we can see, there seems to be an array of evidence that Zinc can improve the symptom of depression and anxiety. So, the Journal Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care found that animal studies showed a reduction of anxiety after zinc supplementation.

Zinc tends to be low in humans with depression, and Zinc supplementation as an adjunct to antidepressants improved their effectiveness, particularly in patients who have been resistant to treatment, and those who have tried other things without success.

However, this seems to only be the case if one is deficient in the mineral. Again, Zinc’s effectiveness is seen to be as a result of the fact that Zinc is important in the synthesis of serotonin and GABA.

What Dosage of Zinc should I take for Anxiety?

You must bear in mind that taking too much zinc can cause intestinal issues. For example, dosages of 225 to 450 mg of zinc can result in toxicity and lead to vomiting, though there is only a relatively minor chance of any long term effects being experienced.

So, how much should you take. If you want to protect your immune system, shorten the duration of a cold or reduce your anxiety levels you will need somewhere between 2 and 13 milligrams of zinc daily, varying slightly by age.

Though many will get enough Zinc from their diet, this is not necessarily the case, and some, e.g. vegetarians, or those with certain conditions (alcoholism, for example, are more likely to be deficient.

What are the Recommended Zinc Supplements for Anxiety?

Nature's Potent Zinc, 50 mg (High Potency) 100 Tablets, Immune System Support

This supplement has proved to be very popular and has good reviews from users, and they have been particularly impressed with the way in which the supplement; 

  • Helps with immune function
  • Keeps your skin clear
  • High quality
  • Helps with well being

One customer said that the main reasons that they use the supplement was for skin problems, general immunity and to combat stress and depression, and they found that it had a positive effect on these things.

Likewise, another who suffered from a major psychological disorder says that they use their supplement as an adjunct to prescription antidepressants.

They say that they would recommend the product to others because the company is reliable, they received positive benefits from the product (i.e. their depression is kept at bay) and the supplement is easy to take.

Zinc Orotate Powder by BulkSupplements Antioxidant Zinc Supplement for Immune Support (250 grams)

This supplement is in the form of a powder, which gives you the ability to individualize how you use the product to fit your own needs. For example, it can be added to a smoothie or mixed with lemon juice, as one user mentioned that they do. Positives cited about this product include;

  • Helps with anxiety and well being
  • Increases energy
  • Supports immunity

One customer recounts how a friend recommended them this supplement, and that it seems to have improved their general health and well-being in a number of ways. They have also noticed improvements in their focus and energy since they began to take it.

Countless others have noted how the supplement has improved their skin, their immune system and that they are very impressed by the quality of the product.

    One thing to bear in mind with this product is that dosage is incredibly small, so small that you will not be able to reliably measure out a dose with a conventional spoon.

Therefore, if you choose to purchase this supplement, then it may be a good idea to also buy a milligram scale, as this will be useful when you are measuring your daily amounts

Pure Micronutrients Zinc Supplement, Natural Zinc Glycinate Supplements, (Chelated) 25mg, 120 Count

This is another popular product, with almost 9 out of every 10 customers who have reviewed this product have given it a 5 star review, in the main citing reasons like that it;

  • Doesn't upset their stomach
  • Is easy to absorb
  • Improves sleep
  • Improved immune function
  • Does not taste bad

One customer said that, though they had tried other zinc supplements and that they had sometimes caused gastro intestinal issues, this particular one did not.

This is a recurring theme in reviews for this particular product, so perhaps if you have tried other products and felt sick, then perhaps give this one a try. What is more, it increased their energy and allowed them to be free from the lethargy that they had been plagued by for a while.

Another customer, a body builder, said it helped them to de-stress and sleep better after a work out, and helped to reduce their cortisol levels.

In Summary: Zinc for Anxiety

So, it clearly seems that zinc can help to alleviate anxiety and other physiological and psychological problems, and this is borne out by consumer testimony from those who have used the supplements, as well as empirical evidence taken from a range of source, often involving controlled studies.

Though there are some things to be aware of, namely dosage issues (and this is something to be aware of, as it is unwise to take too much), zinc could be a worthy alternative or possible addition to pharmaceutical anti-depressants.