Why Eating Comfort Food Can Be Good For You

Why Eating Comfort Food Can Be Good For You

Why Eating Comfort Food Can Be Good For You

The general health-trend is a move away from unhealthy comfort foods to increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables in our diets.

But research recently published on behalf of BUPA has found a link between mood and comfort food.

The researchers found that comfort foods literally did make people feel comforted:

Dr Pablo Vandenabeele, psychiatrist and Bupa’s head of mental health said:

“Food is much more than just taste and sustenance, it connects us to family traditions, cherished moments and loved ones.”

33% of those who answered the survey said that ice-cream reminded them of happy childhood memories while 31% choose apple crumble as the best comfort food.

Food and particularly comfort foods are ingrained in life and mood:

“Desserts are often the foods we choose to celebrate, to treat or spoil ourselves, so we are more likely to connect them with happy moments from our lives, and are memories we recall with such fondness.”

A reduced appetite is also sometimes linked with low mood and depression.

76% of those who completed the survey said food does boost their mood:

“Food has the ability to alter our general mindset, as the tastes and smells are particularly effective at triggering memories – both positive and negative”

While ensuring a balanced nutritious diet is maintained overall, 80% of the participants felt families were missing out on creating happy memories by not eating meals together.