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10 Great Sports Psychology Blogs

Athletes these days understand the sheer importance of being psychologically prepped – the game isn’t just won by mere muscle, but by the strength of one’s own mind.

However, even many professional athletes and weekend warriors just don’t know where to start (and certainly can’t afford the high prices that professional 1-on-1 sports psychologists demand).

While it’s unlikely you can overcome serious mental-performance issues on your own, sometimes you just need that little mind-hack to shift your thinking and give yourself a little boost.

If you’re keen in the field or believe that you need a good mental tune-up, visit these great sports psychology blogs for some great advice!

  1. Jack Singer

Dr Jack Singer spent 30 years perfecting his craft, earning a Ph.D. and presenting on countless talk shows along the way. With all that accumulated experience, he started drjacksinger.com.

From here, the licensed clinical psychologist wishes to bring his expertise to athletes, top performers and even average joes.

Not simply content in providing a service, his blog – built into his website – goes into length about a wide variety of topics, with articles discussing in detail the rigors of coaching, the dangers of uncontained stress and his personal tips for managing workplace/performance-level pressure.

  1. Peak Performance Sports

Dr Patrick Cohn is the owner and founder of peaksports.com, a website dedicated to helping individuals overcome doubt, indecision and crippling perfectionism in order to achieve the best mental state possible.

At Peaksport’s blog, Dr Cohn frequently posts completely free sports psychology articles. Read up on what allows certain athletes to have a ‘brick wall of confidence’, or perhaps improve your on-the-field composure with a series of positive habits?

Dr Cohn also has several video series’ that he uploads onto his blog, where he talks further about sports psychology on a variety of topics.

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  1. Professional Sport Psychology Symposium

The PSPS blog is run by a group of dedicated contributors, all of whom are trained in sport and exercise psychology.

While all of the contributors hold respectable doctorates and master’s in education, among their number are actual Certified Consultants from the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, an international, multidisciplinary, professional organization with over 2300 members in 57 countries.

This group of contributors combine to give their unique insights and experience stemming from their personal journey in the sporting world.

  1. Shrunken Mind

Awarded the number one in Positive Psychology by ‘PostRank’ and rated within ‘Daily Reviewers’ Top 100 Blogs, Shrunken Mind is considered as a leading blog on sports psychology.

Dr John Schinnerer actively writes posts on the blog, contributing articles that discuss the emotional temperament of coaches, mindfulness training to enforce positive psychology and so much more.

He does this in order to teach his readers about how to effectively manage raw emotions such as anger, anxiety and depression, in order to lead happy, successful sporting lives.

  1. Psych Central: World of Psychology

While not an actual sports psychology blog, Psych Central’s World of Psychology should be on every individual’s list, whether he be a sportsman or not.

The blog is Psych Central’s longest-running blog and focuses on human behaviour and how technology plays a role in shaping our mental health. The blogs overseer, Dr. John Grohol, ensures that the blog regularly see’s articles from all kinds of areas in clinical practice, research and treatment.

Their vast array of categories – of which includes Sports – will be a virtual repository for those looking to instil discipline in their minds.

  1. Association for Applied Sport Psychology

Earlier on, I mentioned about a blog run by consultants certified by AASP. If you want to jump straight to the source, AASP – Association for Applied Sport Psychology – runs their very own blog at their website!

With articles dating all the way back to 2014, and categories that include such hot issues as ‘Parents & Youth Sport’ and ‘Mental Health’, AASP’s blog is a great addition to any sports enthusiasts list of online reading.

The blog draws from its vast talent pool of passionate contributors, all of whom were rigorously tested and certified, and have gone on to deepen the field of modern sports psychology.

  1. Mental Training Inc.

Mental Training Inc. (MTI) was founded in 2006 with the mission of being the driving force behind absolute success.

Their dedicated team works with athletes and performers via mental tools and support that helps to not only create a positive inner state, but one that strengthens an individual’s mental skills. With cutting edge technology and a unique mental skill mastery process, MTI has worked with numerous organisations, ranging from CNN to UFC to Blue Pacific.

Not just content to service their own clients, they also run a sports psychology blog that dates all the way back to 2009 – these guys understand the meaning of keeping at it!

  1. YSC Sports Mental Edge

This simple wordpress site is run by a trio of experienced sports psychologists – Cristina Fink, a Ph.D. holder with 20 years of experience counselling clients that include Olympic Medallists and World Champions; Emily Galvin who is the Assistant Director of Sport Psychology at the HPSports; and Taylor Wise, a Temple University Graduate Student.

The three are dedicated to furnishing a blog that specifically deals with the mental state as a huge factor in performance enhancement. Their blog also discusses real-world events as examples of crucial psychological factors in play.

  1. The Martin Effect

Martin Perry isn’t just the namesake of themartineffect.co.uk, he’s a prominent Confidence Coach and Sports Psychologist.

Twenty four years of teaching, workshops, personal coaching and media activities (of which include the short film ‘The Mental Game of Football’, short TED style talks, the guest sports psychologist on ‘Talksport’ and so much more) have given Martin the confidence to write on the topic of mental preparation with startling accuracy.

Read up on his articles and be prepared to learn far, far more than you ever imagined.

  1. Peak Performance Blog

At the Peak Performance Blog, Brian Cain writes articles, establishes a strong social media presence and also does a Monday podcast where he discusses about sports psychology.

In his articles and podcasts, he likes to discuss about athletes from certain sports and how their competitive performance is an indication of their massive mental training.

He has also written about topics like ‘Championship Culture’ but most of his work on the blog revolves around extensive podcast interviews with successful athletes.

This is a good place to listen in on when you want to hear the professional opinion of actual athletes and an actual sports psychologist as they discuss the mental gymnastics necessary in creating a solid performance.

Over to you – which is your favourite sports psychology blog?