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Students and psychology professionals are increasingly opting to use an online ‘Psychology Dictionary‘ due to ease of use and regular updates when a new term is created or modified. There is also an opportunity to provide instant feedback to the creators of the psychology dictionary if you do not agree with a term.

Which online psychology dictionary you choose to use will generally be down to personal preference, you may like the more technical definitions some offer or just require a simple definition to remind you of a term you’ve forgotten.

Here is a list of some of the popular online psychology dictionaries that all offer something different:

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AllPsych was first established in 1992 as a website to assist with data collection and for research dissemination purposes. Since then it has grown and is now a useful psychology online resource.

While relatively small AllPsych offers concise definitions and examples of psychology related terms that are perfect to act as a quick reminder or for simpler terms that are easily understood.

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Psychology Dictionary is a well established and trusted online psychology resource. Comprehensively maintained by an impressive team of professional psychologists, currently boasts over 20,000 psychology terms within it’s online library.

Similarly to AllPsych in sticking with brief but well explained definitions, Psychology Dictionary also offers up articles they think may be related to the definition you are viewing.

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Maintained by ‘ITS’ this dictionary and glossary section provides comprehensive definitions of psychology and mental health related terms. The ABC of psychology is aimed predominately at psychology students from secondary school level upwards.

With over 1200 psychology terms defined the resource assures that all terms are cross referenced and linked for ease of use.

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A personal favourite of mine, AlleyDog in its own words provides psychology terms that are jargon free. Use the search box if you know exactly what you’re looking for or use browse through the glossary by letter.

The concise and straight forward definitions are quite often what’s needed when your head is already spinning!

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For the times when you need a more thorough definition of a psychology term, psychology wiki is your best bet. Aiming to provide up-to-date, authoritative knowledge, theory and practice of the whole of the field of psychology.

With 78,506 pages and 34,141 articles if it’s not in the psychology wiki it probably doesn’t exist!

As with all areas of academia and professional practice it is important to cross-check your facts as even with the best intentions information can easily become outdated or misrepresented. A combination of good of fashioned textbooks along with these more modern online psychology dictionaries is often the best way.