Nuphorin Review: Anxiety Relief Supplement |

Nuphorin Review: Anxiety Relief Supplement

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Anxiety affects every individual of all ages, especially women. It is one of the most common manifestations of many psychological problems such as phobias, panic disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorders. While it primarily affects the mental state, it can create physical symptoms like headaches, stomach upset, exhaustion and sleep disruption.

Despite being a common condition, there are currently no specific tests available to diagnose anxiety. Moreover, no medical cure has also been known to prevent or fully treat the condition. However, there are several over the counter preparations which claim to minimize or alleviate anxiety. This Nuphorin Review evaluates one of such supplements that are commonly used among anxiety sufferers.

Nuphorin is an all-natural product that generally helps in relieving symptoms of anxiety and stress. This fast-acting formula contains plant-based ingredients that stabilize energy levels, improve mood and enhance sleep. This product of alternative medicine can help people in managing their anxiety as a dietary supplement or in combination with prescription anti-anxiety medications.

Nuphorin Product Details

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Nuphorin has been created by a team of naturopaths who studied the best combination of compounds that help control anxiety attacks.

Bottled in a laboratory that is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), it is clear that this product is manufactured with top quality standards.

Main Ingredients

Nuphorin has the following main ingredients: Vitamin B1 (2 mg); Vitamin B2 (2 mg); Niacinamide (10 mg); Vitamin B6 (10 mg); Folic Acid (50 mg); Vitamin B12 (100 mcg); Calcium (50 mg); Magnesium (50 mg); Ashwagandha Root 7% Extract (30 mg); Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid (100 mg); and, Chamomile 4:1 Extract (100 mg). It also contains 5-HTP, GABA, and DMAE Bitartrate.

Nuphorin’s unique mix of herbs and minerals is known to increase levels of important mood-boosting neurotransmitters such as Dopamine and Serotonin. One of its active compounds, the Ashwagandha, otherwise known as Indian ginseng, has long been used for its medicinal benefits.

It is also known to help with metabolism and support the normal functions of the adrenal systems. This results to a significant decrease of stress and anxiety levels.

Nuphorin has many other important ingredients that work in combination to alleviate anxiety. It contains magnesium, an essential mineral that supports hundreds of biochemical reactions and alleviates anxiety as it blocks antagonistic nerve signals. It also has chamomile extract which is known for its calming properties.

Other vital ingredients include the 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), the natural counterpart of serotonin, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter that regulates the excitability of neurons, which play important roles in improving mood and relieving tension.


Our rating:

The manufacturers of Nuphorin set out to make a seriously good supplement that would support mood and reduce stress, that would have minimal side effects, overall we think they've done a great job and we recommend giving Nuphorin a try.

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What We Liked

  • Great Customer Feedback
  • Minimal Side Effects
  • Quick Results

What We Didn't Like

  • Doesn't Work for Everyone


Aside from having effective ingredients, Nuphorin is also preferred by many of its users due to its fast-acting effects. Generally, users can already feel an improvement of mood at least 15 minutes after taking the supplement.

Users also express their preference over Nuphorin among other anxiolytic medications due to its non-addictive properties, which allow them to take the drug only when needed and avoid from developing dependence.

With regard to its effectiveness, most of its users testify an improvement in their mood and behavior, which helped them perform their daily tasks and regular activities well.

Others also state that taking Nuphorin at nighttime helps them to sleep better. Some consumers also note that Nuphorin does not have the usual side effects that anti-anxiety medications commonly have. In general, a majority of Nuphorin users are happy to recommend it to others.

In the event that any of its customers are not satisfied with the product, the company is offering a 60-day money back guarantee. This in itself is a good indication that the manufacturer is serious and truthful in its claims.


Around 20% of buyers reported that they did not experience any benefit after taking Nuphorin. Some people also provided negative feedback online, saying that taking the pill actually made them feel worse.

These observations commonly cause concern among consumers and discourage potential buyers from even trying the product. Some people also question the presence of inactive ingredients such as cellulose and silicon dioxide in its formulation even though such ingredients don’t have any anti-anxiety effects.

Others also emphasized that this product’s therapeutic claims have never been confirmed or supported by clinical trials or third party studies. Moreover, the information posted in Nuphorin’s website has not been reviewed by competent authorities such as the Food and Drug Administration.

Dosage and Precautions

According to its product information, the manufacturer recommends taking one capsule once or twice a day with water. However, some users have reported taking less than what is prescribed (one capsule every other day) but still experienced ideal results. Others also take this product only when they feel it’s necessary.

For pregnant women or nursing mothers, important precautions shall be taken and a doctor must be consulted before taking Nuphorin as it can potentially have unwanted effects on fetal development or on breastfed babies. Special precautions are also advised for those who have allergies to any of its ingredients.


It is understandable why people with anxiety try to seek relief from natural remedies. With a host of natural yet effective ingredients, there is no doubt that Nuphorin can help manage anxiety and relieve its symptoms.

All of its ingredients are known and have traditionally been used to improve the body’s response to stress and help in maintaining a positive state of mind and well-being.

Aside from the fast-acting formula, what is even more interesting about Nuphorin is its non-addictive property. However, it is clear that the product requires more research and clinical trials from neutral parties to further improve its formulation and credibility.

Where To Buy

The most reliable place to buy Nuphorin is Amazon, you can also read more reviews there and make sure its right for you.

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