New Study Reveals Colour that Increases Women’s Attractiveness

New Study Reveals Colour that Increases Women's Attractiveness

New Study Reveals Colour that Increases Women’s Attractiveness

The study of colour within psychology is nothing new, colour has been found to have effects ranging from calming to exciting people.

But new research aimed to examine if the colour red would increase initial attractiveness of female faces:

the primary question of whether face attractiveness moderates the impact of red on men’s ratings of female faces, and the secondary question of whether this effect is further qualified by how long the faces are viewed

The research team conducted two experiments in order to examine these 2 questions.

The first experiment, that was looking at how red is associated with sexual attraction found that initial attractiveness was important:

sexual attraction appears to be bounded by a person’s baseline attractiveness, as red only enhanced perceptions of attractiveness when perceivers viewed faces with relatively high pre-existing attractiveness.

For faces that are comparatively unattractive, red exerted no influence on their perceived attractiveness.

So while red gave previously rated females an extra boost it did not make previously unattractive women become attractive to men in the experiment.

The second experiment considering how long the red would need to be exposed to have an attractiveness ‘boost’ also found an interesting result:

the influence of red on judgments of attractiveness even when the faces are viewed for extremely short exposures

This may suggest some kind of innate, predisposition towards the colour red in regards to mating practices.

The color red plays an important role in non-human and human mating behavior. Prior work has found that red increases men’s ratings of female attractiveness and is used by women to display sexual interest to potential mates