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Neovicta Clarity Review

Neovicta Clarity is a supplement that is one of the many Nootropics on the market that promises massive effects on your cognitive function, focus and concentration. Nootropics, in case you are new here, are otherwise known as ‘smart drugs’, and they are designed to improve your memory, learning, and general brain function. 

In this Neovicta Clarity review, we will explain some of the key features of the product, take a look at what some of its users say about it, and allow you to come to a conclusion on whether it is worth your money.

Nootropics have proved particularly popular amongst those who are looking for a ‘brain boost’ and those who need that extra bit of focus to get things done, for example students, academics and business people. 

However, Neovicta are clear that they believe that their product can benefit everyone, from the working mum managing the school run to the high-flying athlete.

Clarity comes in a 60 capsule pack and it is, according to Neovicta, is the most powerful cognitive enhancer available. Nutritional scientists have developed the formula based on extensive research, combining a multitude of natural ingredients into a fast-acting, complete cognitive enhancer. Neovicta claim that Clarity can;

  • Improve your performance without the crashes associated with some popular products (e.g. coffee or energy drinks) that people consumer to make them feel more alert.
  • Allow you to stay on top of the challenges you face, whether this is big exams, day-to-day tasks, or an important competition. Neovicta believe that whatever your task, Clarity can help you.

Read on to see if Neovictas' Clarity can live up to the hype.

As well as this, it is also produced to the highest standards. It is quality assured by Neovicta to exceptional safety levels, it contains the best quality, clinically tested ingredients, and it is completely lacking in ‘fillers’ and unnecessary ingredients.

Neovicta Clarity Product Details

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You are probably wondering what is in Clarity. It has to be said that Clarity has a long ingredients list (too many, according to some authorities).

These ingredients include L-Glutamine (which is said to aid fat burning and muscle gain), Bacopin (which enhances memory and general cognitive function), and grape seed extract (said to improve circulation).

The long ingredients list also includes more unusual ingredients such as Vanadium, which apparently increases triglycerides in the blood and is not present in most other Nootropic supplements, and L-Pyroglutamtic acid, which Natural claim to be baffled as to the reason for its inclusion.

Neovicta Clarity Ingredients

  • Bacopin: Helps to repair synapse damage
  • Grape Skin Extract: Helps to protect brain cells
  • Ginkgo Biloba extract: Boosts alertness and concentration
  • St.John’s Wort: Used for treating depression and anxiety
  • Vinpocentine: Improves blood flow in the brain
  • L-GlutamineAnti-depressant

Neovicta Clarity: Our Verdict

Our rating:

Neovicta Clarity has proven extremely popular and offers a full 30-day money back guarantee for those who aren't 100% convinced.

*Or read on for a detailed breakdown of all of the Pros and Cons of this brain supplement

What We Liked

  • Improves Concentration and Memory
  • Improves Energy
  • Improves Focus & Alertness

What We Didn't Like

  • Might not work for everyone
  • Some users have experienced side-effects

Benefits of Neovicta Clarity..

One person who uses the supplement says that it provides them with the focus that they need to keep on top of their busy workload. This means that they don’t have to rely on caffeine and sugar, as perhaps many of us do when we are rushed off our feet.

Another spoke of their improvements in concentration and cognitive function, claiming that it increased their IQ score in tests due to their increased clarity of thought and greater ability to settle to a task.

A further customer outlined the effect of the supplement on providing a rush of clarity throughout the day. Though this reviewer was skeptical of Nootropics at first, perhaps the highest praise they gave Clarity was that they would be reordering further capsules.

Drawbacks of Neovicta Clarity..

One customer, though they are full of praise for the effects of the supplement, claims that, after they had used their supply, they found that the price had almost doubled. Others concur, and it must be admitted that Clarity is not the cheapest supplement.

As well as this, some, despite the manufacturers claim that the formulation is lacking in side effects, have noted ill effects such as nausea and stomach cramps. Others, though they are in the minority, have claimed that it doesn't work, or did not have the desired effect. For example, one customer says that, despite them having taken four tablets daily, it had no effect.

In general, as we have seen, as many as four out of five people have been very positive about Clarity, and, therefore, it is relatively safe to assume that the supplement is at worst reasonably effective. Likewise, Neovicta themselves are clear that they are not offering a ‘miracle’, but a supplement that has a number of beneficial ingredients that is formulated to improve cognitive function, clarity and focus.  

However, as is true about any product, it is really important that you try it for yourself, and this is the only true test of what is right for you. Given this fact, it is great that Neovicta offer what they call an ‘Iron Clad’ money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with Clarity. This means that you can try  it and, if you don’t like it, get your money back. Seems like a win win situation to me!

Where To Buy Neovicta Clarity

We recommend purchasing Neovicta Clarity from Amazon, as you can be fairly sure you're getting the best price and they have next day delivery and great customer service if you have any problems.

Let us know in the comments what you thought about our Neovicta Clarity review so we can help others decide if it's right for them.