Mood Boost Review: Natural Stress & Anxiety Relief |

Mood Boost Review: Natural Stress & Anxiety Relief

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Product name: LES Labs Mood Boost

According to the New York Times, ‘Prozac Nation’ is now the ‘United States of Xanax’. Anxiety is so common it is now the new normal, with anxiety so talked about and experienced that it can be a hashtag on Twitter and a topic of conversation over coffee.

Obviously this is a huge issue, and not only because of the huge number of people feeling anxious, and the enormous cost to the economy and healthcare systems.

Many people are wary of taking too much medication, and are concerned with healthy living. Mood Boost may be perfect for those with this concern: it is vegetarian, natural and manufactured under extremely high standards.

This Mood Boost review will find out whether it does what it promises: promotes a more positive mood and reduces stress and anxiety.

Mood Boost Product Details

Les Labs, the company who manufacture Mood Boost, started the company to produce supplements targeted to be effective for specific health needs.

They believe that wellness isn’t just about wellness and exercise, but about nutrition, and they aim to develop supplements that are without the fillers and unnecessary ingredients found in many pills.

Whilst also being empirically tested and based on scientific evidence.

Mood Boost Ingredients

  • 5-HTP – This is precursor to serotonin (the happy hormone), which is the neurotransmitter that most pharmaceutical anti-depressants attempt to elevate. Empirical evidence seems to confirm that 5-HTP is an effective treatment stress and anxiety.
  • L-Tyrosine – This is an amino acid, particularly found in foods such as meat, fish, dairy and soy. If you suffer from stress and anxiety, particularly if you are feeling run down or are feeling excessive fatigue, then L-Tryosine may help you.
  • L-Theanine, which is found in Tea, can, according to scientific studies can create a sense of relaxation without making you drowsy. Likewise, due to its effects on the alpha frequency band in the brain, it can also promote attention and concentration, though only at levels higher than those found in an ordinary cup of tea.
  • Passion Flower – Native to the USA, this plant can reduce the symptoms of anxiety, lower blood pressure and improve sleep, in addition to other applications.
  • Ashwagandha – Popular in Ayurvedic medicine, this plant is most well known for its rejuvenating properties, but it has also been used as a tincture to reduce stress. It is known as the Indian Ginseng due to its ability to awaken you and increase vigor.

LES Labs Mood Boost: Our Verdict

Our rating:

Mood Boost has received many positive reviews, we think it's definitely worth a try if you're in the market for this type of product.

*Or read on for a detailed breakdown of all of the Pros and Cons of this brain supplement

What We Liked

  • Works Very Effectively for Many People
  • Increases Relaxation and Energy
  • Many Report as Effective as Prescribed Medication

What We Didn't Like

  • Side Effects for Some People


One customer says that their son have been taking the supplement for a few months.

They say their son has experienced all of the main benefits they would have hoped: decreased stress and anxiety, increased positivity and generally feeling much better.

However, as well as this, some other related benefits have been noticed, included an increased appetite and better, more restful sleep. Another points out that the product contains all natural ingredients.

If you, like them, are a little wary of taking prescription medication, then this might be the supplement for you. Another agrees, saying that they believe it is much safer than pharmaceuticals.

One simply said that the product is ‘amazing’: after day one they noticed


There were not many claims of side effects. However, one customer claims that they had an allergic reaction to the product, though they didn’t specify what kind of reaction.

They of course had to stop taking Mood Boost. Another said with brevity that the product was ‘useless’, and clearly was not happy with the impact that the supplement had.

There have also been a few reported cases of the product having side effects, with some saying that Mood Boost made them drowsy, whilst others have cited incidences of headaches, some adding that they were ‘splitting headaches.’

However, it has to be said that the vast majority of those who have used the product have had a fabulous experience with it, whilst those who have negative things to say are a tiny proportion.

Anxiety and stress are almost endemic in our society, and therefore Mood Boost could prove to be incredibly popular and useful to a huge amount of people.

Customers views have been very positive in the main, and, despite claims of a very positive impact after taking Mood Boost, it is also natural, which means it will also appeal to the consumers who, despite suffering from stress, don't want to subject their body to pharmaceutical medication.

Where To Buy Mood Boost

We recommend purchasing Mood Boost from Amazon, they have a great subscription offer and you can be fairly sure you're getting the best price and they have next day delivery and great customer service if you have any problems.

Let us know in the comments what you thought about our Mood Boost review so we can help others decide if it's right for them.