Life After Graduate School

Once you're done at graduate school things start getting pretty real.

It's time to find a job, but before you find a job you need to know what job you want.

Many difficult decisions lay ahead, we hope some of the below resources help to make those decisions a little easier. 

Academic Paths: Career Decisions and Experiences of Psychologists

A collection of 13 autobiographies from psychologists who work in academia. Read about their experiences as students and what led them to become professors and researchers.

Not only is this book a good read, but it is very insightful about what life in academia is about. This is a useful resource if you are trying to decide between a professional or academic career in psychology.

Faculty in New Jobs: A Guide to Settling In, Becoming Established, and Building Institutional Support

A guide to succeeding and adapting in academia as a faculty member.

A collaboration of the experiences and advice from 18 contributors coming from different viewpoints designed to nurture faculty and to aid in their professional development. Start your new position ahead of the game.

The Compleat Academic

A book that covers a range of issues new academic social scientists face from job-hunting to being an assistant professor, teaching, and graduate student supervision.

Get a head start on these issues and get an idea of things you should be aware of and will face when just starting off. Although this is a 1987 book and out of print, used copies are available--and the book still is relevant and helpful.

Advice for New Faculty Members: Nihil Nimus

Designed to teach new faculty how to work--with constancy and moderation in their new field.

The main sections provide advice for teaching, writing, and socialization and have been proven effective through years of experience and research in the area. This book teaches you how to do the least to get the most out of your work.

The Psychologist's Guide to an Academic Career

A very well written book with specific advice for psychologists entering the academic field.

Topics cover the end of graduate school, steps to your career, advice on how to organize your day and your life, and how to develop your career and become an influential professional.

College Grad Job Hunter: Insider Techniques and Tactics for Finding a Top-Paying Entry Level Job

General Resources for Life after Graduate School

Career Builder
A great jobs search engine to find the right opportunities. You can upload your CV and see what opportunities might come your way as well.

Outlook on all Professions
Find out about the current status and the predictions for the employment outlook for your career of choice. Brought to you by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

​This is the APA's Career Resource Center. You have to register (it's free), but the perks include posting your resume on a database and searching online job classifieds.

Miscellaneous Resources

Applying Advice
​For those interested in applying for a position at a small, liberal arts institution. Take advantage of over 15 years of experience and learn how to put together a successful application. Compiled by Hugh Foley.