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L-Lysine for Anxiety: Benefits, Side Effects and Product Reviews

In-depth research explores ways in which people can diminish and even fully erase their anxiety without taking any medication. These studies led to one natural alternative supplement, that has shown promising results in helping to relieve anxiety: Lysine, also known as L-lysine.

To understand how lysine can improve anxiety symptoms, it is important to emphasize that many studies have concluded the primary genesis of this psychological condition resides in hormonal disorders: greater increases in cortisol body levels produced by psychological and emotional stress [1].

Lysine is one of the nine essential amino acids (called essential because the body is not enabled to produce it from its own, and the sources come from oral consumption) and it has been linked to reduction of anxiety levels based on many studies conclusions.

Keep reading, as this might be the solution for your anxiety you’ve searching for.

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What are the proven benefits of Lysine for Anxiety?

A Japanese clinical trial [2] conducted with healthy individuals where dietary supplementation with L-lysine confirmed that, without regard the gender, this amino acid treatment can significantly reduce anxiety disorders in healthy male and females Japanese adults placed under psychological and emotional stress.

This study showed that taking 2.64 g of lysine per day, in combination with L-arginine, ended with decreased levels of salivary cortisol in volunteers. This mean the reduction in anxiety and stress levels subjective observations made by this groups of researchers, has scientific confirmation due to lowering of cortisol production.

Another clinical trial made in Northwest Syria, showed that lysine fortification of wheat reduced anxiety and stress responses in family members from economically week Syrian communities consuming wheat as their primary source of food.

Plasma cortisol measurements was reduced in females, as well as the sympathetic arousal in males (which is linked to increase cortisol levels at the human body). Also, this 3 month-long lysine fortification trial showed minimized chronic anxiety levels in both genders.

It is important to mention that this anti-anxiolytic effects were observed only in groups with high baseline anxiety levels, indicating that this lysine fortification does not reduce normal levels of alertness.

The results of these well-designed clinical studies support findings from previous clinical and animal studies, which discovered worsening of stress-induced anxiety in rats with lysine deficient diet, confirming that lysine treatment works to reducing anxiety symptoms.

These are incredible news, since it turns lysine into a potentially useful supplement to help people suffering high levels of mental stress and anxiety, backing up this information with scientific researches. 

Are there some possible side effects of taking Lysine for Anxiety?

The human body needs lysine to live, as it is an essential amino acid. Therefore, it is considered safe for most people taking it at the recommended dosage. Nonetheless, it is linked to cause some minor side effects such as diarrhea, stomach pain and nausea.

However, there is one report of kidney disease, where it was described development of kidney disorders such as Fanconi syndrome or tubulointerstitial nephritis associated with lysine consumption over 5 years. So, if you have a kidney disease, talk with your healthcare provider before starting to take this supplementation.

Also, there is no trustworthy information about taking lysine while being pregnant or breastfeeding; so please avoid its use if you are on these conditions.

Which is the proper Lysine Dosage For Anxiety?

Remember to always consult to your doctor before starting to take this natural supplement, especially if you are suffering from other medical conditions. Your doctor will be the appropriate person to indicate you the proper dosage for your individual requirements.

According a report from the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations University (UNU) and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the lysine requirements for human health is 30 mg/kg bodyweight, which means approximately 2.1 grams for the average 70 kg individuals. [3]

The clinical trial conducted in Japan concluded that the lysine dosage for improving anxiety is about 2.5 grams (2,500 milligrams) daily. Results can be expected in just one week.

This amino acid treatment given at this dose appears to be highly safe for use in adults and prepubertal children. Large doses (25 g or more over the course of a day) may cause intestinal disorders which is easily alleviated by lowering the dosage.

Can Lysine cause insomnia?

Since anxiety disorders may cause sleeping problems such as insomnia, it is very common to be curious if lysine has the possibility to exacerbate the problem.

Some researchers prove that low lysine levels, lead the body to steal amino acids and proteins from muscles, in order to help feeding the brain. This ends in more fatigue, because the body does not have enough nutrients to cover its demands.

If the brain fuel is not being produced appropriately, the necessary brain chemicals to perform sleep cycles won’t be created, leading to insomnia.

Remember that lysine is an essential amino acid, which means it can not be manufactured within the body, and we must acquire it from food sources or nutritional supplements.

This means, the additional lysine consumption in adequate dosage, in order to improve anxiety, won’t cause any harm to your sleep-wake cycle. In fact, taking additional supplementation of lysine will enhance the quality of your sleep.

L-Lysine Supplements for Anxiety: Product Reviews

Amazing Nutrition Amazing Formulas L-Lysine - 1000 mg Amino Acid Vitamin With 180 Tablets

L-Lysine capsules from Amazing Formulas contain L-Lysine Hcl, which is believed to be easier for the body to absorb and utilize. It does not contain unnecessary fillers: it is just L-lysine.

The recommended intake is one or two tablets through the day, in order to reach the correct dosage.

L-Lysine capsules from Amazing Formulas are great for:

- Producing important proteins such as antibodies, also enzymes and collagen​
- Growing new muscle
- Mood stabilization, helping anxiety-sufferers
- Help the mineral calcium to properly absorb
- Convert fatty acids into free energy

Several customers confirm the effectiveness of Lysine capsules to reduce anxiety and even stress levels, with some even reporting reduction at the probability of getting cold sores. Lysine is amazing helping to enhance the immunitary system as well.

Solimo L-Lysine 1000mg, 90 Tablets

These tablets from Solimo are gluten free, delactosed and don’t have any kind of artificial colors or flavors, which makes this supplement an excellent choice for those with allergies or special dietary requirements.

The recommended intake is two tablets per day, as a dietary supplement.

Solimo L-Lysine tablets is a good choice to take as it:

- Does not contain unnecessary ingredients
- Helps to relieve anxiety symptoms
- Is a good choice for people with lactose intolerance.

Customers are very pleased with the effectiveness of Solimo L-Lysine tablets, alleging they had improvements in stress and anxiety management, as well as enhancing their overall mood and strengthening the immune system.

BulkSupplements Pure L-Lysine HCL Powder (250 grams)

Lysine is also available in powder form. This L-Lysine supplement from BulkSupplements is lab-tested, showing quality levels as well as purity. Hcl (hydrochloric acid) is added to lysine to improve absorption and the powder solubility. The recommended dosage is 680 mg (1/4 tsp) once or twice per day.

L-Lysine powder from BulkSupplements is an excellent choice for:

- Build muscle: Lysine is incredible for building great amounts of proteins and muscle
- Improving mood, reducing symptoms of mood disorders such as anxiety condition
- Promoting calcium absorption

Many satisfied users support this product alleging it diminished their anxiety and stress disorders, as well as reducing cold sores breakouts and improving the quality of their sleep.

L-Lysine Powder, 1 lb, from Nutrition Bulk

Another lysine powder form, this time from Nutrition Bulk, with no additives or fillers inside of it. It has also Hcl added in order to increase lysine absorption and reduce intestinal disorders. Adults should take ¼ tsp of this powder (0.6 grams) with water or juice, daily.

Nutrition Bulk L-Lysine Powder is amazing for:

- Increasing collagen formation
- Relieving general anxiety
- Athletes, who are in the need of more supply of lysine
- Help to lower cholesterol levels
- Fast recovery from surgeries and all kind of injuries

This Lysine powder from Nutrition Bulk is extremely well reviewed, as customers say it worked out well to relieve their anxiety, feeling more relaxed, as well as diminishing their insomnia. One customer testified it dissolves very easily in water. 

Designs for Health - L-Lysine , 1500mg with 120 Capsules.

L-Lysine capsules from Designs for Health has high standards, gluten free and is vegetarian-friendly. Lysine is offered on its free-form, meaning it is going to be immediately available for absorption. Over 50,000 doctors agree Designs for Health is one of the brands of supplements with higher quality.

L-Lysine Design for Health capsules will make you:

- Maintain your muscle tissue if you are an athlete or vegetarian
- Help your healthy tissue repair easier
- Reduce anxiety and related symptoms of stress

Customers confirm its function as a stress and anxiety reliever, alleging it helps them in stressful times, controlling their symptoms. Some even report improvements on mouth sore breakouts from Epstein Barr Virus.