Jobs for Psychology Students

It’s important for psychology students to build up relevant experience as soon as possible and at all possible opportunities.

Oftentimes this can mean working for free, but what if you actually need a paid job while you’re studying?

Today we’ll cover some perfect jobs for psychology students that will offer both experience and income.

Start your own psychology blog

Okay so I’ve mentioned this once or twice but I’m a huge advocate for starting your own blog (no matter the subject).

Starting your own blog not only shows that you’re a self starter but it actually helps to reinforce your learning.

For psychology students is also acts as the perfect reflective log.

But how can you make money from your own blog?

Well these days many people do exactly that, in fact making a full time living blogging is a reality for lots of people.

By monetising your blog with services such as adsense, popular articles can easily generate you ongoing income long after you hit the publish button.

I absolutely recommend bluehost for setting up any blog and our free guide walks you through the process in under one our.

Offer your unique skills as a freelancer

What unique experience do psychology students have?

Well unfortunatly its not the mind-reading ability that many people thing psychology students have.

It’s actually much more practical skills than that: critical thinking and strong academic skills.

And what can you do with those skills?

The options are endless:

  • Proofreading
  • Article writing
  • Business support
  • Social media assistance


And getting these types of freelancing jobs is easier than it sounds.

PeoplePerHour is one of the best freelancing sites around, they keep standards high which means that freelances get a fair deal.

Remote Teach English

There is actually a huge demands for English teachers who can coach over Skype. Businesses from around the globe who are entering new markets will often fund employees to learn English.

Look out for opportunies like this on the regular job websites such as Indeed, or take a more proactive approach and search for companies who are looking to gain a presence in English speaking markets and reach out to them with an offer.

Let us know in the comments which opportunity you decide to pursue!