How To Start Your Own Psychology Blog

How To Start Your Own Psychology Blog (Free Downloadable Guide)

How to start your own psychology blog

If you’ve thought about starting your own psychology blog but don’t know where to start then we’re here to help!

This guide will take you through the whole process step-by-step, from choosing your blog name to writing your very first post.

Best of all – if you follow this guide your blog will be up and running in under one hour.

Lets get started..

No time?: Don’t have an hour to spare right now? No problem.. Click here to download the free PDF version of this guide.


STEP 1: Come up with an Idea! (I’ll show you how if you don’t have one)

STEP 2: Technical set-up (easier than it sounds, I recommend

STEP 3: One-click blog install (very easy!)

STEP 4: Configure, set up how you want your blog to look.

STEP 5: Get blogging – time to write your first blog post.

Step #1: Come up with a unique idea (or at least Improve an old one!)

Probably the most difficult step!

Unless you already have your idea, coming up with the Unique Selling Point for your blog will take a bit of creativity. The USP will form your domain, blog name and brand concept.

For Example: My own psychology blog combines psychology and science.

TIP: If you’re struggling to come up with your USP try combining two concepts that you’re interested in. For example here is a table that I might draw out if I wanted to come up with an idea for a new children’s toy.

Action man Frisbee Robot Helicopter
DIY Build your own action man Frisbee with changeable parts Build different robots together Add different parts
Remote control Remote controllable! Control the flight path Fighting robots Already is!

Ok so I might not have come up with the next big seller in the toy market, but you get the idea, with some thought drawing out the above table can release some great ideas.

Step #2: Set up your Domain and Hosting

bluehostWhen it comes to setting up your domain name and hosting its actually MUCH easier than you might think.

I strongly suggest using for your domain and to host your blog for these simple reasons:

  • You get a free domain with your hosting
  • They offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy
  • You can install your WordPress blog with one click
  • And its super cheap, decent hosting is available from under $5 per month.

To get started simply:

  1. Head over to
  2. Select your plan (the starter plan is a great staring point)
  3. Follow the instructions and wait for your instruction email from bluehost

You’re ready for the next step!

TIP: Having problems? Use the online chat support!

Step #3: Install WordPress and set up the blog

Once you’ve received your domain and hosting confirmation email you’re ready to log in and one-click install WordPress.

WordPress is the software that will make your blogging life painless.

To one-click WordPress simply:

  1. Navigate to the website section once you’re logged in.
  2. Click the Install WordPress icon, simple!install wordpress

Follow the instructions and your WordPress site will be ready in minutes!

Once WordPress is ready then log in using your new WordPress URL, username and password.

Remember, your WordPress username and password will be different from your Hosting (bluehost) username and password. At this point you will have two sets of username and password.

TIP: Your wordpress login screen will be at:

Step #4: Install your WordPress theme and add any plugins

Once you’ve logged in to WordPress have a little look around and familiarise yourself with the different menus and settings.

The two main things you will want to do at this point are decide on a WordPress theme: this changes how your blog will look.

To do this, on the navigation menu on the left click Appearance > Themes and then Add New at the top, browse through the themes until you find one that takes your fancy.

add new wordpress theme

Secondly you will want to configure any Plugins. Plugins do helpful things such as add contact forms, create newsletter signup forms and add photo galleries without having to know how to code anything!

My current favourite plugins are:

  • Optinmonster: Well designed and very easy to use popups to add people to your mailing list.
  • W3 Total Cache: Speeds up your website with just a few clicks!
  • Jetpack by WordPress: Made by the developers of WordPress, adds lots of great functionality.

TIP: Don’t worry too much about choosing the perfect Theme at this point, they are easy to change and the content of your website will remain the same even when you switch between different Themes.

Step #5: Time to start writing!

You’ve done all the hard work now its time to write your first blog post.

Simply go to Posts > Add new and start writing.

There is plenty of advice out there detailing how to get more visitors to your blog and what to write about. If you’re stuck I recommend finding articles online that discuss blog promotion and content creation in detail.

But here are my top tips to get you started:

  • Write about what you are interested in and passionate about
  • Post new blogs regularly, once a week if possible
  • Let your Facebook friends and Twitter followers know when you publish a new post
No Time?: Don’t forget, you can grab a free PDF version of the guide right here, to use any time: Click here to download the guide.