Advice for Graduates

The step up to a PhD can feel a little bit steep, this psychology graduate section is here to help with everything you need to know and all of the resouces you will need throughout the entire process.

To begin with your PhD application process can feel overwhelming -- writing the personal statement, contacting schools and potential advisors, getting letters of recommendation, and ordering all the transcripts and GREs.

But don't worry, we're here to help.

We have found many useful sources of information for the various tasks involved in applying to graduate school. What this site contains are links to important resources that have been developed by others and links to books that I personally feel will be useful to you. We prepared this webguide to address many of the common questions that I have been asked by prospective graduate students.

Our goal is to present the most informative and complete content sources -- not to have an exhaustive list. I hope you find this graduate portal helpful.

Although we have considerable information listed throughout these pages, our advice is that you should nearly always consult the following books. First, get a copy of the APA's Graduate Study in Psychology. It lists all programs and requirements, and it provides a starting point for considering which schools to apply to. There is a directory in this book that categorizes programs by specialty area which should save you a ton of work.

Of course, you should also get the advice of your academic advisor at your institution.

We also recommend Dr. Patricia Keith-Spiegel's The Complete Guide to Graduate School Admission. It has rich detail about more facets of the application process than the Getting In book. These books will be an excellent investment for you. I've discovered that students who consult these guides tend to produce better graduate school applications.

We've split out this graduate portal into the following sections:

We hope you find our resources helpful in your further studies and career and best of luck in finding the right graduate school home for you.