The Best Gifts for Insomniacs: Ingenious Products Reviewed |

The Best Gifts for Insomniacs: Ingenious Products Reviewed

Buying a good night sleep could be the best possible present you could buy for the insomniac in your life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that, does it? Whilst it would be great to be able to buy a deep sleep for your friend or loved one that simply isn’t possible.

Instead though, the next best thing might be to get them a gift designed to help with their insomnia. As this is sadly quite a common affliction however there are a number of products on the market already, all claiming to be able to provide some level of help in the search of a restful nights sleep.

We’ve cut through the jargon and pseudo-science to bring you our guide to some of the best gifts on the market for insomniacs.

Our Favorite Gifts for Insomniacs:



Our Rating



Fitbit Wireless Sleep Tracker


SleepPhones Wireless Headphones


White Noise Generator


Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

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Fitbit Wireless Sleep Tracker

This is probably going to be the most expensive item on this list, so presumably Santa will only be bringing this for the Insomniac who really matters to you!

If you can stretch your gift budget to include this device then there is a lot here to potentially help those unfortunate people who struggle to drift off.

The main thing they are getting is information, as this Fitbit, along with all the other devices from this company is perfectly designed to unobtrusively collect information about the wearer all day and all night.

So this little device will monitor and track calorie burn, steps taken and distance traveled in a day. By night, it records sleep patterns and measures the quality of sleep. All this is then presented in easy to read charts and graphs on any one of the over 150 devices (smartphones, laptops, etc) that the Fitbit can sync to.

So if your loved one wants all their personal information at their fingertips to help fight their insomnia, there is noting better than this Fitbit to do that.

SleepPhones Wireless Headphones

When you are struggling to sleep, sound can often play a big part in this. Whilst it can be easy enough to use things like earplugs to simply shut off noise, some people find that they can be uncomfortable to sleep in.

Some people can also worry that the little plugs are going to wedge into their ear canal – which can happen, and can be painful to remove.

Still others don’t like the complete absence of sound. They can find this sensation similar to sleeping in a vacuum, and it can set a restless mind off into racing circles of thoughts – which is not going to aid sleep at all!

These excellent headphones counter both of those concerns. They are designed more as a headband rather than as traditional style headphones, making them nice and comfortable. The Bluetooth connection means that are no wires to tangle around your neck in the night, removing choking hazard.

Finally, the built in speakers provide crystal clear sound, strong enough to block unwanted external stimuli such as a snoring partner.

Now all you need to do is get them some relaxing music…

Calming Mountain Stream CD

As we discussed above, many people can find that unwanted noises can hinder their attempts at sleeping. At the same time, a complete absence of noise can seem unnatural – again, hindering sleep.

To counteract this, many people like to listen to what is sometimes referred to as “white noise” – a general, low level and ongoing series of background sounds.

These sounds can be of various sources, but the ones presented by this album are all of natural origin – be it the trickle of a stream of water or the gentle lapping of calm waves.

This album provides excellent background noise to help aid the listener to slip into a deep and restful sleep.

Timeless: Relaxing Classical Piano Music

Of course, there will be those people that don’t care for purely natural sounds. They may worry that listening to dripping water or running streams may have them waking in the middle of the night desperate to use the bathroom!

Whilst that is pretty unlikely, they may however simply find the natural noises to be dull, or they simply might not enjoy listening to them. The purpose of these noises is to help with sleep, so your insomniac is naturally going to get on better with the music if it is something that they actually enjoy listening to!

If you think they might enjoy a more music-based experience then it is easy to recommend this CD of classical piano music. A playlist put together and performed by Grammy award winning artist Laura Sullivan, you know that you are going to be getting top quality music to listen to.

Further, the playlist has been crafted to include some of the all time relaxing classical pieces from down the ages, providing a quality musical accompaniment as your insomniac drifts away into sleep.

White Noise Generator

This is an excellent little machine if you are worried that the person you are buying gifts for may not enjoy wearing headphones – even the extremely comfortable ones we recommended above.

The truth is that whilst the headphones may be extremely comfortable, if you are not used to wearing something around your head, the sudden presence of even the small amount of pressure from the headphone band may make it harder to drift away into sleep.

If you are worried that your insomniac could be in the same position – and yet you think that some relaxing, gentle sounds could help them to sleep – then this brilliant little box could be just up your street.

This little box is basically a speaker, with an internal memory card preloaded with 6 all natural, highly relaxing sounds – we’re talking rainfall, a thunderstorm and a summer night of chirping crickets.

What’s more, this machine can be run with the included AC plug or can run from batteries, making it truly portable, and built in timer can be set to cut off the noises after a set period of time – when your insomniac has drifted off to sleep.

Bluetooth Sleep Sound Machine 

This device has a similar premise to the one we described above – however, by also including a Bluetooth connection it comes with an extra dimension of connectivity.

So again we are solving the problem of potentially wearing uncomfortable headphones by removing the speakers to an external point. This device however comes with 10 natural sounds built in ready to play – four more that the one above.

The true advantage of this machine lies in its Bluetooth connectivity however. As we discussed with the type of music sources above if you are looking to buy a gift for an insomniac whom you feel would rather listen to music than natural noises then this is the device for you.

Simply download their favorite albums to their phone or an IPod, connect to this speaker, and it can gently play the kind of tunes to help them fall into a restful slumber.

Heated Mattress Pad

Temperature can also play a big role in insomnia. Whether this is too hot or too cold, rather like Goldilocks and her porridge, you really do need the temperature to be just right in order to get good nights sleep.

When you are talking about a person with insomnia of course, they already battling hard just to drift off – so it pays to remove as many distractions to sleep as possible, and being cold is one of the bigger ones. 

This product then could be a great gift for a person who perhaps struggles to get to sleep because of the cold weather. It is easy to operate and to install – literally plug in and set the desired temperature with the easy to use control panel. The sleeper can then snuggle down into the relaxing warmth and fall to sleep in comfort.

Personal Cooling System 

Just as bad as being too cold however is being too hot! We’ve all had those nights when the air seems to be completely still, when we toss and turn in our sheets trying anything to keep cool – and only succeeding in getting hotter and hotter!

Those kinds of nights can make it hard for anyone to drift off. Add insomnia into the mix however and you get a recipe for a sleepless night, and if you live in an area with long, humid summers that can lead to long term sleep deprivation – not healthy at all.

The benefit of this product is that it contains a central reservoir of cool water. The machine uses this liquid to actually cool the air that passes through, pumping out cooling air into the room.

Compared to a regular fan that just re-circulates already warm air, this product is going to help cool down a hot and sticky bedroom, and provide a nicely chilled atmosphere that is perfect for a good nights sleep on a hot summers night.

Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day: A Doctor's Guide to Solving Your Sleep Problems

If you want to fight a problem them, truly, you need to understand that problem. Insomnia is no exception, and just like any other medical problem, you will want to bring in expert advice if you can.

 Whilst it may not be possible to have one-on-one time with a professional expert in sleep, this book is very much the next best thing. Dr Rosenberg, the author of this book, is no ordinary doctor you see. He is the medical director of both the Sleep Disorders Center of Prescott Valley, Arizona and also the Sleep Disorders Center of Flagstaff, Arizona.

If you are looking to buy an excellent book for anyone who is suffering from Insomnia and really wants to understand what is happening to them, Dr Rosenberg has very much written this title with them in mind. This book not only discusses the underlying causes of Insomnia, it offers excellent, practical solutions.

The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix It

Of course, as great as it can be to understand the reasons behind insomnia, at the same time what you really want to do is to provide a gift that is going to help your poor sleeper to fight back against Insomnia itself.

This book provides the practical tools to do just that, and you could also not be in better hands. Dr Winter, the author of the book, has been nicknamed “the sleep whisperer,” and is an internationally renowned expert on the subject of sleep – or lack thereof.

This book is a deep dive that examines all the potential cures of sleeplessness, everything up to and including the dreaded, sleeping pills. He explains why you don’t need them and offers healthy, natural alternatives to helping insomniacs to overcome their condition.

So if you want to give a gift that will provide practical assistance in the search for regular, refreshing nights sleep then this book is an easy recommendation.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Speaking of books, they don’t necessarily just have to be about sleeping in order to help someone suffering from insomnia to drift off and have great nights sleep.

Reading books has long been a time-honoured way to help the mind to slow down after a hectic day. Snuggling down in some warm blankets and disappearing into a fictional world can be one of the best ways to pry open the gates to sleep.

Whilst we are often advised that we should avoid looking at digital screens in the hours leading up to bedtime, the Kindle paperwhite is different from looking at an I Pad or Smartphone screen. The Kindle screen accurately mimics the pages of a real, printed book reducing eyestrain. It is as easy to read this device, as it is to read a regular paperback – with the advantage that the Kindle can also illuminate itself.

This means the insomniacs can read themselves to sleep without any bright bedside lights keeping their partner awake.

Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile Tea  

One of the time honoured methods for helping people to sleep easily has been Chamomile tea. Firstly, it is important to note that this type of tea is naturally caffeine free, so there’s noting in there that is going to keep you awake.

In fact, Chamomile is an herbal infusion, made from the dried buds of flower of the Chamomile plant. It is a natural sedative that helps to calm the nervous system first and can also help the mind to drop down a few gears.

Those racing thoughts that can often be one of the reasons insomniacs struggle to drift away can be dulled, sometimes even stopped, with a calming Chamomile infusion before bed.

This particular product, in addition to all the wonderful natural properties of Chamomile is also certified organic; meaning that when you give it as a gift, the person who drinks it knows this is a premium product without any hidden chemical nasties.

Relax Therapeutic Body Massage Oil

Finally, and this is probably more of a personal gift, ideal for buying for the insomniac who is your partner, wife or husband – safe to say, you probably don’t want to give this present to your boss!

The fact is, if it is your partner who is suffering from insomnia then chances are you may be struggling to sleep yourself. Perhaps as they toss and turn trying to fall asleep they inadvertently keep you awake. Perhaps you yourself struggle to sleep simply through the worry of knowing that your partner is in distress.

Either way, you could consider giving them a relaxing massage to help clear away the stress and prepare the body and mind for sleep.

This product makes an excellent gift as not only does it’s oily qualities make massage giving that much easier, it is loaded with essential oils that have been long associated with producing a relaxing, sleep inducing environment.

Even one or two bad nights sleep can play havoc with your day time plans, these products are designed to help you sleep consistently without interfering with your life.

Let us know what you think of our gifts for insomniacs in the comments below.