Gaba for Anxiety: Benefits, Side Effects and Product Reviews |

Gaba for Anxiety: Benefits, Side Effects and Product Reviews

There has been a lot of discussion about using a natural supplement called GABA to help reduce anxiety, and even depression that comes with it. This supplement helps increase the body’s natural GABA levels to fight activity in the nerves.

Anxiety is an emotion that we all experience at different times throughout our lives. However, it may not be an emotion that we experience enough to need prescribed medication. And one only has just enough time in one day to participate in yoga or other physical activity known to reduce anxiety.

GABA supplements are a great way to approach decreasing anxiety symptoms and regaining control of your life. 

But just how effective is GABA? Read on to find out.

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What exactly is GABA?

GABA is a neurotransmitter that sends messages between the brain and the nervous system. It blocks impulses between nerve cells in the brain. Similar to having low levels of serotonin, low levels of GABA can also cause anxiety [3].

When the body has healthy levels of GABA, the brain is able to use the neurotransmitter to calm the mind from nerve activity. The executive function of this neurotransmitter is to reduce the amount of activity nerve cells partake in, thus allowing the brain to calm [4].

It is a main source of calming that helps us wind down to sleep every night. It slows down the mind, allowing the brain to rest and the body to sleep5.

The brain naturally produces this neurotransmitter, just as it would naturally produce serotonin, dopamine, and Acetylcholine. Just as these other neurotransmitters can sometimes be low in levels, so can GABA.

While GABA is formed from glutamate, another neurotransmitter in the brain, it can also be found in external supplements or activities. 

What are some external ways to increase GABA?

GABA is not just an internal neurotransmitter that is released in the brain to help slow down a busy mind. It can be obtained in the most natural, external way as well.

The first way to increase GABA levels is through supplements. These specific supplements can be found in the form of a tablet or powder, usually at health stores and online (product reviews below).

Unfortunately, there is too little research to suggest that GABA supplements actually work. Therefore, before using GABA supplements, be sure to consult your physician to ensure that it is safe for you to take them.

Your doctor may also be able to recommend the best supplement for your personal situation.

Unlike vitamins and minerals you cannot increase GABA through consuming specific foods. However, a few examples of foods that increase how GABA works in the body. Those specific foods are: fruits, vegetables, teas, and red wine.

Supplements and food intake are not the only ways to increase GABA levels. Other natural ways include yoga and aromatherapy.

Yoga is a common way to reduce stress and calm the body, but it can also lead to increased GABA levels, which work to calm the mind.

There are other forms of meditation or mind-body exercises that can increase GABA levels as well, such as progressive muscle relaxation.

Studies have suggested that scents, such as jasmine and lavender are calming scents that can soothe the body and draw the mind into relaxation.

While this article is specific to using GABA for anxiety, many use GABA supplements or partake in activities to increase GABA levels for various other reasons, as well. 

What are the specific uses and benefits for using GABA for anxiety GABA?

There are many reasons people will purposefully try to increase their GABA levels, other than to treat anxiety.

The main use of GABA supplements, however, is to decrease anxiety and promote calming in the mind. However, many have also used it to decrease depression. Several studies, such as from the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University, prove that those who have been diagnosed with depression or show symptoms of depression have lower levels of GABA than those without depression.

Related to calming the mind for anxiety and depression, GABA is also used to improve sleeping conditions and combat restless sleeping. Because GABA is a “calming supplement,” it limits the amount of activity among nerves. This can produce a sedative effect, allowing the body to fall asleep naturally.

Another popular use for GABA supplements that is focused towards women is to help with premenstrual symptoms (PMS). In some ways, the neurotransmitter can act as a natural pain reliever, helping to relieve women of the cramping that PMS brings.

As stated above, GABA can be used as a pain-reliever. Instead of consuming medications, such as Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen, GABA supplements can relieve discomfort in a natural way.

Similarly, GABA can also decrease inflammation that is injury or illness related. Studies have proven to help reduce inflammation with disease such as cancer, heart disease, and different types of arthritis.

GABA has also helped increase attention and focus in those who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). ADHD is a medical condition that affects the brain’s ability to concentrate. Many may describe it as the brain is constantly running. GABA supplements help decrease brain activity and allow the individual to focus better.

A few other known uses for GABA include: fat burning, growth hormone, increase tolerance to exercise, and to lower blood pressure.

No matter what the use is for GABA supplements, it is important to be educated on the side-effects and potential dangers when using it. 

​What are potential side-effects in using GABA?

As stated above, it is still too soon to recognize the true benefits in using GABA supplements to help with anxiety. However, if you plan to give GABA a try, remember these potential side-effects and risks. 

  1. It is not scientifically proven to help, so do not let this be your only way of coping with anxiety. Seek a medical professional’s advice and have a bag of tricks to treat your anxiety symptoms.
    If you are pregnant or nursing, do not use GABA supplements as there is little to no research on side-effects.
  2. Taking GABA supplements coupled with other anxiety, depression, or insomnia medications can lead to complications. Consult your physician before using the supplement to eliminate any complications.
  3. Limit your use. Some individuals have reported that using too much GABA supplements have actually increased their anxiety symptoms or made their depression worse. 

There are only a small amount of side-effects and risks that come with GABA supplements, but to ensure the safety of your health, it is important to be aware of what could happen. 

GABA Supplements for Anxiety: Product Reviews

Best Naturals GABA Supplement 750mg 180 Veggie Capsules, Natural Sleep Aid

Best Naturals GABA Supplement supports a mental focus and calm mood, it also promotes relaxation.

This particular brand is manufactured with Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) and was made in the USA. Many have reported that is has helped improve sleeping conditions and eliminate anxiety attacks.

Many consumers have reported the product did what it said it would.

Natural Factors, 120 Chewable Tablets

Natural Factors is a “quality you can trust”. Pharma GABA has been naturally produced from the brain compound “Gamma Amino Butyric Acid”.

The product is promoted to bring relaxation and clarity. Several customers have reported having no side-effects and having decreased levels of anxiety.

The chewable tablets have been FDA approved, and are well reviewed.

BulkSupplements Pure GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) Powder (250 grams)

Bulk Supplements produces a pure and clean powdered GABA supplement with no added fillers. It is packaged in a foil zip pouch for easy storage.

The product was lab tested for verification and guaranteed purity. The main function is to control nerve impulses and pain relief. Because the powder is tasteless it can be used in water or any other beverage of your choice.

This size bag has about 333 servings for a decent price. Customers have reported the product works fast, but to make sure dosage instructions are followed carefully.

NOW GABA 750 mg,100 Veg Capsules

NOW GABA is a natural calming capsule that promotes relaxation and eases nervous tension. NOW is a brand with high quality products for a valuable price.

It is a family owned and operated business with sustainability and a charitable commitment. Customers have reported to feel the product working on the first dose through anxiety decreasing and sleep improving.

However, a few comments warned that taking it on a daily basis has led to a tingling feeling and headaches; use of this supplement should be limited.

Jarrow Formulas Gaba Soothe, Promotes Relaxation, 30 Capsules

Jarrow Formulas offers a GABA supplement that promotes relaxation, supports mental focus, and contains clinically proven ingredients.

It is naturally fermented and calms, soothes, and focuses without added drowsiness. Each capsule contains GABA, L-Theanine, and Ashwagandha (leaves).

These specific ingredients are proven to decrease anxiety as well. It is also certified as gluten free. There are several customer reviews sharing that this product has assisted in decreasing symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, and even OCD.

Source Naturals Serene Science GABA Calm 125mg Orange Flavor Sublingual Supplement

Source Naturals Serene Science’s supplement combines GABA with taurine, glycine, N-acetyl, and l-tyrosine to support a calm focused mind.

It promotes a relaxed mood and anxiety relief while boosting magnesium, glycine, N-acetyl, l-tyrosine, and taurine. The production company has strong guided standards and quality standards.

Customers have shared the product has worked for pain relief and calming, but the bottle does not instruct how often to take it.

GABA 100 Capsules 500mg per Capsule Powerful Anti-Anxiety Supplement by Absorb Health

Absorb Health offers a powerful anti-anxiety GABA supplement. The product is designed as a cognitive support and bring relaxation.

It is made at a Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) facility. The company also promises money back guarantee.

Many have reported that the product worked to relieve their anxiety, while others suggest they did not notice a difference.

Amazing Formulas GABA Powder 500g

Amazing Formulas advertises its powder GABA supplement as a natural sleep aid. It is also supposed to have a calming and relaxing effect, promote positive mood and reduce stress, and ease nervous tension.

This specific formula is advertised to be good for athletes because it increases exercise endurance and promotes lean muscle growth.

Customers have used this specific product to help with anxiety, autism, and sleeping. They have described it as a good bargain.

GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) Powder (500 Grams) - Muscle Empire Supplements

Muscle Empire’s GABA powder supplement is 100% pure and unflavored. It is also promoted as lab tested and verified and free shipping on all orders.

The effects promote healthy and deep sleep, as well as improve relaxation.

There were no reviews for this product as yet, but early signs look promising.

5-HTP GABA Anxiety Relief Supplements Mindzymes Mood Boost Support 60 Capsules

Mood Support promotes this GABA supplement as the best anxiety relief supplement. Mindzymes also is a good supplement for stress management, increasing natural serotonin, and mood balancing.

The company that produces the product is a family owned business.

There are not customer reviews, but there is a warning to not operate heavy machinery while using this supplement or go over the recommended dosage.