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Formula 303 Review: Maximum Strength Natural Relaxant

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Product name: Formula 303: Maximum Strength Natural Relaxant

Formula 303 is an ‘all natural muscle relaxant’ which promises to be a completely safe and effective product for muscle relaxation, relieving stress and tension, and alleviating a variety of sleeping problems. The emphasis is certainly on making Formula 303 natural by using herbal ingredients and minimising side effects, as opposed to the prescription medication alternative.

There’s a wide variety of people who might be interested in taking Formula 303. Firstly, it’s appealing to anyone who is plagued (intermittently or regularly) by muscular spasms, pain, or tension. It’s also recommended for any severity of muscular problem, including degenerative muscular illnesses such as multiple sclerosis.

Formula 303 might also be of interest to individuals who have problems related to stress, anxiety, or sleeping. As the product is both a muscle and a general relaxant, its benefits are indicated to be both physical and mental.

Formula 303 Product Details

formula 303 review

Formula 303 is manufactured and sold by Dee Cee Laboratories, a company located in Tennessee, USA.

They sell a significant number of supplements, vitamins, and other health-related products.

Their products (including Formula 303) are sold on, and are manufactured in-house in FDA approved labs

Main Ingredients

  • ​6 parts Valerian Root (Quad Strength)
  • 3 parts Passiflora (Quad-Strength) 
  • 1 part Magnesium Carbonate

Valerian Root extract has been used to treat several stress/anxiety related disorders, such as ADHD and insomnia, and it’s one of two herbal ingredients in Formula 303. The other is Passiflora, which is reported to have a positive impact on the alleviation of depressive symptoms, sleeping disorders, and more.

The final ingredient, Magnesium Carbonate, is linked to the regulation of hormone levels, the relaxation and contraction of muscles, and other important bodily functions. The bottle comes in three different sizes – 45, 90, and 250 tablets, with the 250-tablet version representing greatest value for money. You can also purchase a double pack containing two 250-tablet bottles, adding up to 500 tablets overall.

It should also be mentioned that, depending on what you’re using the product for, it has two different sets of directions for how you should take it. If you’re aiming to use it as a muscle relaxant, the company’s website suggests that you should take ‘two tablets every three hours until relief is obtained.

Then two tablets with each meal and two at bedtime’. If the reduction of tension and stress is your focus, you should take two tablets with each meal and two at bedtime.


Our rating:

Formula 303 offers a safe and effective solution when prescription pills aren't available or wanted.  

*Or read on for a detailed breakdown of all of the Pros and Cons.

What We Liked

  • Natural Alternative to Prescription Medication
  • Very Positive Reviews of Efficacy
  • Minimal Side Effects
  • 30 Day Refund Guarantee

What We Didn't Like

  • Minor Side Effects


One notable pro of the product is the positive feedback from consumers who report that it does exactly what it says on the bottle. People who have suffered badly with muscle tightness and spasms have indicated that upon taking Formula 303, their pain dramatically reduced or disappeared completely.

Furthermore, some said that they’d been going to doctors on and off for years, and had been left disillusioned by the inefficacy of the prescribed medication. They were delighted to share their happiness that a much more natural solution was significantly outperforming the alternative (which comes at a higher cost and with more severe side effects).

Sufferers of anxiety outlined very similar experiences – describing how they felt calmer, distressed, less tense, and much more relaxed a short period after consuming the product. Others noted the company’s very fair return policy – which offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee within a 30-day period.


Although very few and far between, some reviewers have attributed slight headaches and drowsiness to taking Formula 303. As it’s designed for muscle relaxation, anxiety relief, and as a sleeping aid, it’s certainly to be expected that you might be more susceptible to drowsiness.

It should be noted that the clear majority of people experienced no sleepiness at all. In addition, some minor side effects are possible with any supplement or medication, and those of Formula 303 are significantly less severe than prescribed medical alternatives.

Even though it has an overwhelming majority of positive reviews, there are some negative ones. Almost all stated however that they simply noticed no change, also admitting that they hadn’t used it for very long.

The pricing of the double-pack (500 tablets) and the 45/90-tablet versions of the product on are also a little odd, with all three representing significantly less value than the standard 250-tablet bottle. The 250-tablet option is very fairly priced though, and is certainly the recommended version of Formula 303.


Formula 303 is sold by Dee Cee Laboratories, and promises to ease muscular tension, general stress and anxiety, and sleeping problems. It has a focus on safety and natural ingredients, aiming to provide people with a more efficient alternative to prescription medicine.

It’s recommended for anyone, ranging from those with degenerative diseases to people who ache after they’ve done some gardening. It comes in three different bottle sizes – 45 tablets, 90 tablets, and 250 tablets. You can also buy a double 250-tablet pack, but the standalone 250-tablet bottle comfortably offers the most value for money.

Customer experiences of Formula 303 have been overwhelmingly positive with many people describing how it has ‘changed their life’. These results are consistent across individuals who’ve used it both for muscle relaxation and as an aid for anxiety/stress-related problems.

The side effects are quite rare and minor, and the fact that it provides a natural and healthy alternative to prescription medication warrants a 4.5-star rating and a very solid recommendation.

Where To Buy

Formula 303 is available over the counter and one of the easiest, quickest and most affordable ways to get it is through Amazon.

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