Are E-cigarettes Safe?

Are e-cigarettes safe?

Are e-cigarettes safe?

The popularity in e-cigarettes continues with more than 1.3million people in the UK now regular users but some are still asking whether e-cigarettes are safe.

Many smokers will be pleased to hear that there’s no evidence to suggest that there is a long-term safety question over e-cigarettes and no data that they cause any harm either.

That’s the verdict of the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) who say that when compared with smoking normal cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not cause any harm.

Beat smoking addiction with e-cigarettes

Indeed, there are some guidelines from NICE which says that smokers looking to cut down, or quit smoking, should be using licensed nicotine products such as nicotine gum, patches and sprays.

For those unfamiliar with e-cigarettes, it is a device that looks similar to a cigarette and consists of three parts: there is an atomiser, which is the heating system and a cartridge which contains nicotine. There’s also a battery to power everything.

The nicotine itself is contained within a liquid and the nicotine content varies to suit the user and the liquid itself is usually flavoured.

There’s no doubt that e-cigarettes are becoming more popular and around a third of smokers in the UK have tried using one.

Vapour e-cigarettes help beat cravings

It’s important to realise that the ingredients in cigarettes that cause illness and health problems is not the nicotine but the toxins and carcinogens – that’s the substance that causes cancer.

It’s for this reason that the guidelines from NICE state that licensed nicotine products are safer to use than smoking cigarettes.

The concern with e-cigarettes is that while they are less harmful than tobacco products they are an unregulated product and there’s no evidence on their safety and quality or their effectiveness. Without the evidence people will still question the long-term safety of e-cigarettes.

Vaping e-liquids help boost health

Until then people can help beat their addiction to cigarettes with e-cigarettes and enjoy a range of flavours which include the taste of real cigarettes – for instance, Bensons – bananas, menthol and cherry.

Because the market is booming there are a growing number of suppliers who can supply quality vaping e-liquids in a range of flavours – among them is the Cambridge-based

Most sites offering vaping liquids will offer help and advice though smokers new to e-cigarettes may be surprised at the vast range of flavours that are available – and the list is always growing.

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