Do This To Improve Your Focus

Do This To Improve Your Focus

Do This To Improve Your Focus

Most people could probably do with a little boost to their levels of focus and attention during the afternoon at work.

So this is something that most people can do in their lunch break that will improve their focus.

Researchers from Michigan State University recruited 39 participants and split them into two groups who completed tests over 2 seperate days.

The experimental conditions consisted of 20 min of either sitting or exercise on a motor-driven treadmill at an aerobic exercise intensity of approximately 70% of age-predicted (220—age) maximum heart rate

Once the participants completed the experiment of either sitting or exercising they completed tasks to assess their levels of attention.

The researchers discovered something interesting:

findings revealed shorter reaction time for the exercise condition at both pre- and posttest, relative to the sitting condition

That is to say that a single bout of 20 minute exercise saw a boost in attential processes compared with sitting that was shown to impair attention.

But it isn’t quite that simple:

it is not that exercise enhances attention but that prolonged sitting is detrimental to the allocation of attentional resources

In fact, the exercise simply ensured that levels of attention do not decline, whereas sitting would ensure that focus would suffer.

So while this study only considered certain types of exercise combined with certain types of attention tasks it is probably still worth putting in some lunch time exercise to maintain levels of focus rather than allowing levels to drop.

Source: Single bouts of exercise selectively sustain attentional processes