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What is Depression?

Those plagued by depression know that it can be just as debilitating as a serious physical injury; not wanting to leave the house, struggling to get through each day at work, not wanting to socialize and generally feeling underwhelmed about life. And the number of people suffering from depression is huge; an estimated 350 million worldwide.

While everyone experiences depression differently, there are two very broad categories that most people fall under:

  • Low mood or mild depression: this is probably the most common form of depression that a significant number of people get at some point in their lives. It could be caused by a one off negative life event and may never or rarely come back. One off treatments of self-help can support this type of depression.
  • Prolonged and severe depression: some people suffer from serious depressive episodes life-long and it's just something that they have to learn to live with. While treatments can significantly improve the associated symptoms and make life enjoyable, it is very likely there will be permanent ups and downs.

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