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61 Ways To Increase Productivity And How To Achieve Goals In Life

I originally read this article on but as that website appears to have disappeared I decided to republish it here. I can’t vouch for how scientific some of the tips are but nonetheless there are some great tips on the list! 1. Eye Of The Tiger Practice your best “eye of a tiger” in a mirror (or […]

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The Loneliness Trap

Despite increasing recognition and acceptance of mental health issues, Western cultures remain obsessed with the pursuit of happiness. Negative emotions such as depression and anxiety can still leave people marginalised. Previous research has shown that social expectations to feel and act in a positive manner can actually increase feelings of sadness and reduce well-being. New research […]

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How Receiving Help Can be Harmful

Helping others is almost universally seen as a good thing. Despite this, in certain circumstances the being helpful to somebody may in fact be detrimental to them. Previous research has already demonstrated how being helpful is sometimes not useful: The effectiveness of help is not always apparent, as recipients’ status, independence, and self-competence are often […]

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Can Simple Activities Increase Well-being?

Self-help books can provide a confusing array of activities or things that people can do to increase well-being and happiness. While some self-help books are based on evidence, the majority are not. With this in mind researchers aimed to identify the conditions necessary for well-being: Investigators have recently begun to study the optimal conditions under […]

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Is the Night-Shift Making you Stressed and Anxious?

For many the night shift is a required part of their employment, from factory workers to care workers night time often means work time. But what effect does working throughout the night have on people? Health psychologists increasingly argue that being awake and active during the night is not only unnatural but detrimental to peoples longterm […]

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