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The Best Forensic Psychology Books 2019

At the junction between psychology and the law lies the field known as forensic psychology. Forensic psychology is relatively new, and has grown out of the increasing importance psychology has in matters of law and justice.  As psychology continues to play a critical role in the development of the criminal justice system, the application of […]

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The 50 Best Science Books for Kids 2019

It’s great when children develop a love of books at a young age and book choice is very important in developing that love. Give children a boring book to read and they’ll quickly lose interest. But science books specifically written for kids are a sure-fire way to grab their attention and peak their interest quickly. The umbrella […]

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5 Malcolm Gladwell Must Reads

If you’re interested in psychology, science or just have a passing interest in human behaviour then you’ve probably already heard of Malcolm Gladwell. Named in Time magazines top 100 influential people, Gladwell takes complicated and fascinating aspects of human behaviour and offers an unparalleled degree of insight. Simplifying and humanising complicated scientific findings is a skill […]

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