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The Loneliness Trap

Despite increasing recognition and acceptance of mental health issues, Western cultures remain obsessed with the pursuit of happiness. Negative emotions such as depression and anxiety can still leave people marginalised. Previous research has shown that social expectations to feel and act in a positive manner can actually increase feelings of sadness and reduce well-being. New research […]

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How Dogs are Helping Children with ADHD

Dog owners around the world love to profess the benefits of having a dog, from increased exercise, increased resistance to allergies to helping to teach their children responsibility. And while some of these claims are backed up by scientific research, more specific uses for dogs are less researched. But researchers from the University of California aimed to examine […]

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The Thin Line Between Work and Home

The boundaries between work and home have been of great interest to researchers and practitioners for some years and if anything is becoming an increasingly pertinent issue. As work and home can be thought of as incompatible – success and commitment to work often leads to diminished participation at home, researchers aimed to consider the conflicts that […]

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Associations Between Motor Vehicle Crashes and Mental Health Problems

Car crashes are for obvious reasons mainly associated with physical injuries, but what is the association between motor vehicle crashes and mental health problems? Researchers from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Medical University of South Carolina set out to find out: To date, only a few studies have explored the psychological impact of surviving […]

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