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Can You Solve This Famous Psychological Riddle?

This famous psychological riddle has been around for some time but yet still baffles many.

Simply read the following passage and answer what you think is wrong with the passage.

A full explanation of the riddle is offered below so be sure to read on!

A boy and his father have been exposed to a disease. Sadly, the father rapidly develops a tumour and dies. The boy survives, but desperately needs an operation and is rushed to hospital. A surgeon is called. Upon entering the room and seeing the patient, the surgeon exclaims, ‘Oh no! I can’t do the operation. That’s my son!’

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Otherwise just think about and explain what is wrong with passage.

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ANSWER: Of course, as just over half of those who responded to the ‘riddle’ said, nothing is in fact wrong with the passage; the surgeon is the boys mother.

And around half is surprisingly good going, although we can’t ignore the possibility of googlers. In properly ran versions of this experiment only around 15% correctly answer that the mum is the surgeon.

This psychological riddle has been around since the 1970s and was probably first targeted to examine gender biases or dare I say gender inequality.

But psychologists increasingly think it is actually more interesting than this, with a couple of alternative explanations:

Firstly: we are simply making use of schemas that shortcut our way through the world, so for example when we were young we created a record of what surgeons are

So words in that schema are likely to be doctor, hospital and man.

Doctor as we might think of them as like a doctor, hospital because that’s probably where they work and man because the vast majority of surgeons are men (around 91%) although when we created the schema this was even higher.

We know from phobias that schemas can be extremely enduring and difficult to change.

But also that they are needed for everyday life, getting through a day figuring everything out logically would cause you somewhat of a headache.

Secondly: wrong answers could be due to the priming effect

In the first few words we are told of the boy and his father, his father is then soon mentioned again. So it could be that we are thinking about his father so much that we entirely miss the point.

So don’t feel bad if you didn’t get the right answer, very few actually do.

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