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7 Gifts For People With Depression

Trying to help someone with depression is an extremely noble, yet difficult thing to do. 

Knowing the right thing to say and do can be difficult as you don't know exactly how they might be feeling or what they are going through.

Even if they don't show it, it is likely they appreciate your efforts. But if you're unsure how you can help them, a little gift can often go a long way.

Here is a selection of just some of our favorite gifts for people with depression:

(if you don't have time to browse through all 7, here's our top 4)




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Neck & Back Massager


SAD Lamp


Luxury Blanket

In-depth depression gift guide:

Neck & Back Massager

Who doesn't like a nice massage when stressed or feeling down?

In fact, a massage can help to reduce symptoms associated with depression, such as lowering cortisol levels.

What's even better is that for this massage pillow you don't have the hassle of having to leave the house or have anyone else touching you.

Chicken Soup For The Soul

Chicken soup for the soul is an absolute classic and a book I turn to time and time again when I need a little pick me up.

Filled with inspiring short stories that will make you think about your life.

If you have a friend who's feeling down then check out the huge selection of different versions they now have available. 

Luxury Blanket

You don't have to be feeling a little down to appreciate a nice warm blanket.

But in winter when the world is a little colder and darker there's nothing better than locking the door wrapping up with a 'TV blanket'.

This is one of our favorites:

NatureBright SAD Lamp

Getting up on a morning in the winter time can be difficult enough and the lack of natural day light certainly doesn't help.

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lamps help those suffering during the winter months by supplying some much needed addition daylight.

It's always good to get as much daylight as you can during the winter, but when you can't these lamps are a great alternative.

Sleep Mask

Suffering from depression or not, a good nights sleep can certainly help you to feel better and have a better day.

Creating the perfect sleeping environment can be a challenge but having a reliable sleep mask in your arsenal is always a good idea.

This top quality sleep mask is breathable, smooth and most importantly keeps all of the light out.

Essential Oils Diffuser

Even if you don't buy in to the many studies suggesting that aromatherapy can be a useful addition to depression treatments there is still something particularly relaxing about these oil diffusers. 

Different people find different smells relaxing or that they bring on a particular memory, from peppermint to lavender each smell may hold a memory, or just simply be enjoyed for what it is.

This particular diffuser also looks great and and is soft lit.

Yoga Kit

Often when depressed, exercise is the last thing on your mind, but it goes without saying that any level of exercise is likely to be beneficial.

In fact yoga particularly is shown regularly to help with conditions such as depression and anxiety, but that doesn't mean you'll want to go and join a yoga class.

So here's a great solution, a complete yoga (and pilates) kit.

So there you have it, our favorite selection of 'depression gifts'.

Self-care is an extremely important part of recovering from depression so it's important to look after yourself or your loved one during a period of depression or low mood.

As always please let us know what you thought about our selection and leave any further gift recommendations in the comments below.