Best Organic Chia Seeds Brand: The Best Brands Reviewed |

Best Organic Chia Seeds Brand: The Best Brands Reviewed

Chia Seeds have been a popular part of North American cuisine since the days before the arrival of Europeans. They’re natural, healthy, and full of nutrients, so they’ve been used for a number of reasons: medicine, weight loss, and a boost in the immune system.

What many people don’t realize is how easy they are to incorporate into a healthy diet, as well as the numerous products that are available to them on popular shopping websites such as Amazon.

Before using them, however, it’s important to have a firm grasp on what they are and everything they do to your body.

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What are chia seeds? - Chia seeds derive from a plant that is commonly found in the desert: the salvia hispanica. Depending on where you live around the world, you may use chia seeds that come from similar, but different salvia plants.

What are they good for? - Chia seeds, as mentioned before, can improve your health, act as a medicine, or help you with weight loss. People do not often eat chia seeds for the taste, but rather for the nutritional value.

How do they help? - Because of the nutrients and vitamins, chia seeds target some of the areas of your body that don’t get a lot of attention on a normal, “American” diet. This includes lots of calcium, magnesium, fatty acids, and protein.

Who should avoid chia seeds? While chia seeds are great for most people, certain people should avoid them, some of which include:

People with nut/seed allergies (chia seeds can be deadly)

People who suffer cardiovascular problems (due to the high amount of fiber found in chia seeds, the extra fiber may do more damage than good and throw-off your body’s ability to process the pre-existing fiber intake)

People who have troubles swallowing small objects (chia seeds are very small, so swallowing lots in small doses may make it easier to choke)

People with dry mouths/throats, or those who lack overall salivated mouths (chia seeds can be very dry if eaten raw, allowing them to easily be stuck in the throat) 

The nutritional make-up of chia seeds

Nutritional facts - The nutritional content of chia seeds is what makes them such a good addition to your diet. Below is the nutritional facts [1] of one-ounce (28g) of raw chia seeds:

- Protein: 4g
- Calcium: 18% of Recommended Daily Intake
- Fat: 9g
- Fiber: 11g
- Magnesium: 30% of Recommended Daily Intake
- Manganese: 30% of of Recommended Daily Intake
- Phosphorus: 27% of Recommended Daily Intake

Chia seeds also contain healthy amounts of vitamins BC, B-12, A, and E, as well as lots of fatty acids. 

What are the health benefits of chia seeds?

As mentioned before, chia seeds are extremely beneficial for your health in a number of ways. Below are just four, but if you’re more curious, ask a nutrition specialist for some more help:

Full of Nutrients: As seen above, one-ounce of chia seeds have a wide array of health benefits.

Helps with weight loss: Simply speaking, the answer is “Maybe”. There’s a lot of nutritional benefits and nutrients found in chia seeds that can help you lose weight (such as the high amounts of fiber), but there is no actual scientific proof that says chia seeds are directly associated with weight loss.

If you want to lose weight and are turning to chia seeds, you’ll need to incorporate them into your diet while maintaining an overall healthy and active lifestyle; this is the best way to lose weight.

An example of a healthy diet with an incorporated exercise could be the following:
Two scoops of chia seeds a day (22 grams)
30 minutes cardio (high to very high intensity)
30 minutes weight lifting (focusing on a major muscle group)
45 minutes walking / other light activity

Doing this daily, as well as eating a number of clean foods and lots of water will, over the course of time, help you lose weight and keep you healthier overall.

Helps cardiovascular health: It is scientifically proven [2] that lower levels of blood pressure lead to lower levels of risk of becoming victim to a cardiovascular disease.

When looking at the effects chia seeds may have on your cardiovascular health, the focus is completely on the amount of fiber that is found in as little as an ounce of these seeds.

Seeing as one ounce of chia seeds has 11 grams of fiber, two ounces a day would lower your blood pressure and keep your body safer against cardiovascular diseases, such as: artery problems, heart failure, and cardiac arrest (to name a few).

Improves immune system: On top of improving cardiovascular health, chia seeds are packed with nutrients that help with healthy bowel movements, lower cholesterol levels, controlled blood-sugar levels, as well as an overall boost to your levels of energy.

​How to use chia seeds

Now that you have a firm understanding of what chia seeds are and some of the science behind them, it’s time to see how you can actually incorporate them into your everyday diet and routine. There are two ways of ingesting them: through food or drinks.

Below are some way you can add them into your diet while still maintaining your everyday routine. Keep in mind that, in order to create the dish, you will need to reference the actual online recipes.

Foods and Drinks
There are a number of methods to add chia seeds to your diet, the most popular ones being adding them to foods and drinks.

When looking at different chia seed products, you’ll notice that many customers say that the seeds mix well. This refers to how well the seeds mix with the drink/food you’re adding them to; you want the chia seeds to go as unnoticed as possible.

In some cases, the seeds may alter the taste of the dish. For most, this isn’t a very admirable quality (this is due to very “strange” taste the seeds tend to have). That being said, it is best to look for products that mix nicely and don’t change the taste of your food.

In terms of food, you can add chia seeds to most dishes that include some sort of batter or seed/spice topping. Some include:

  • Pancakes / Cakes / Pastries (add chia seeds to the batter)
  • Stir-frys (add the seeds to the vegetables or rice)
  • Cooked fish / steaks (add the seeds as a topping)
  • Mixed nuts / Trail mix (the seeds mix nicely with the rest of the nuts)

In terms of drinks, chia seeds mix nicely with berry shakes, smoothies, or other “thicker” drinks. Some include:

Berry smoothies (look for finer seeds as larger chia seeds won’t mix well)
Berry shakes (look for finer seeds)
Fresh milkshakes

If you find you don’t like mixing them with food or drinks, you can eat chia seeds straight. While you get the same benefits, many people complain about the taste and texture of the seeds. They also tend to dry your mouth, so drink some water afterwards.

Best Chia Seed Brands: Product Reviews

Nutiva Chia Seeds

Offered in quantities of 6, 12, and 32 ounces, you are promised 100% organic chia seeds. The price is rather high for each bag and ideal for people who aren’t on a budget.

Nutiva ships to almost any country outside of the US, but shipping fees are expected to change, depending on where you live.

In terms of reviews, many customers said that they were exactly what they expected and helped them greatly when it came to weight loss, boosts in energy, and an overall improved level of health and fitness. Overall, the majority of customers were extremely satisfied with their purchase of this chia seed product.

Eterone Organic Chia Seeds

They only offer the product in 32 ounce bags, but they also promise 100% organic chia seeds. The price is very good for the amount of seed you get, making it perfect for people on a budget or who don’t want to spend much.

Eterone only ships to residents within the United States. There is open shipping to most parts of the country, but residents of California have to confirm that they’re able to be shipped to their address.

In terms of reviews, many customers were happy with the product they got. Many claimed that the seeds were easy to ingest and integrated nicely into their diet. Overall, the majority of customers were extremely satisfied with their purchases.

Carrington Farms Chia Seeds

Carringtons offer the product in 12 ounce bags. The price is high for the amount you get. This doesn’t make it ideal for people on a budget.

In terms of reviews, many customers were happy with the product they got.

Several claimed that the seeds were small enough to easily sprinkle over pre-existing dishes, but also capable of mixing nicely into the ingredients of other meals. 

Nutri Bio Chia Seeds

Nutri only offer the product in 8 ounce bags. The price is low and good for people on a budget. However, you don’t get a lot with your purchase.

In terms of reviews, many customers were happy with the product they got. Customers claim that the seeds mix well with many different dishes and drinks.

On top of that, the seeds smelt fresh and didn’t take away from the taste of whatever dish they were having. 

Get Chia Chia Seeds

Shipping in 6 pound bags, because of the bulk you get good value in terms of price per kg of chia seed. 

In terms of reviews, many customers were happy with the product they got. Customers claimed that the seeds are smaller, allowing them to blend easier with the various dishes and meals they’d made. ​

When it comes to the negative side of things, there were no negative comments. All of the customers who left reviews have left them at 4 stars or higher. The only slightly negative comment came from one customer who believed the package was more expensive than others.

Chia Bia Milled Chia Seeds

Offered in 500 gram bags. The price is fairly good for the amount you get, but not ideal for those on a tight budget.

Chiabia only ships from and to residents within the United States using USPS.

In terms of reviews, many customers were happy with the product they got. They claimed that the seeds were small, smooth, and tasted good. Many customers highlighted how the seeds didn’t take away from the dish they were mixing them with. 

Live Superfoods Chia Seeds

They only offer the product in 12 oz bags. The price is mid-ranged, but not necessarily ideal for people on a budget (based on how much you get).

Live Superfoods only ships from and to residents within the United States using USPS.

In terms of reviews, customers were happy with the product they got. There was only one review on the Amazon page, but it was very positive. The customer said that the seeds mixed well, helped with pain and intestinal health, as well as helped them with their weight loss. Overall, they were extremely satisfied with their purchases.