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Marcus has a degree in psychology, a masters degree in health psychology and has worked within the NHS as well as private organisations. Marcus started psysci a psychology and science blog in order to disseminate research into bitesize, meaningful and helpful resources that are interesting and insightful and often help people on the right track to improving their lives.

Facial Width-to-Height Ratio: A Leadership Trait You Might Find Difficult to Adopt

A new study has compared the facial width-to-height ratio (FWH) of some of the top UK business leaders compared with age and sex-matched controls. Researchers from the University of Sussex asked 20 students to rate the faces of the top CEOs for the following attributes: How dominant? (0 = extremely non-dominant, 7 = extremely dominant). How trustworthy? (0 = extremely untrustworthy, 7 = extremely trustworthy). How […]

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