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NAC for Anxiety: Research, Side Effects and Product Reviews

There’s a never-ending war against the condition of anxiety and the slew of symptoms that it brings including sleeplessness, fatigue, digestive problems and mood fluctuations. Recently, natural and low-risk forms of treatments such as supplements, natural beta blockers, essential oils and the use of biofeedback machines have become increasingly popular to help manage anxiety.NAC, or […]

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How to Increase BDNF: Natural Ways to Boost Brain Function

Though the scientific consensus used to be that the brain stopped growing and developing after childhood, scientists now know that a process called neurogenesis, in which new neural connections are formed in the brain and other such changes continue to occur throughout life, with massive changes occurring during adolescence and until old age.  One contributor […]

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Natural Alternatives To Xanax

Xanax is an incredibly popular drug. In fact, it’s the most popular anti anxiety medication in the US. It’s a controlled drug, and it works by modulating the activity of GABA in the central nervous system.As such, Xanax balances the chemicals in your brain in order to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. […]

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