Are Narcissists Healthier?

Are Narcissists Healthier?

Are Narcissists Healthier?

Particular personality types or traits are often linked to health-outcomes.

For example individuals who are generally more ambitious, impatient and workaholics are often more stressed and at greater risk of negative health outcomes such as heart disease.

This is due to the personality traits impacting on health-protective or health-risk behaviours.

Research recently published aimed to consider how narcissism would effect health outcomes:

Narcissism, a personality trait characterized by feelings of self-importance, superiority and entitlement, and a continual focus on the enhancement of one’s self-esteem, has been linked with psychological health and also with risk-taking behaviors

The research team decided to consider this as there is evidence that society is becoming more narcissistic with younger generations exhibiting more narcissistic attitudes.

The researchers recruited 365 participants and measured levels of narcissism, healthy behaviours and risky behaviours.

Once the study had ended the researchers found both positive and negative effects associated with narcissistic personality traits:

Among the health-risk behaviors investigated in this study, narcissism was positively predictive of weekday and weekend alcohol use, marijuana use, and risky driving behaviors.

But more positively:

In terms of health-protective behaviors, narcissism was associated with an increased probability of consistently having a healthy eating pattern and it was positively predictive of physical activity.

Overall the study concluded that the relationship between narcissism and health behaviours is complex and that it can offer both health protective and health risky behaviours.

But this knowledge may help to improve tailored health-interventions.