5 Quick Reasons Why Psychology Students Should Have a Psychology Blog

psychology blog

No matter what your interests, hobbies or studies are, keeping a blog can be great fun and a great way of connecting with like minded people.

But psychology students can really benefit from keeping their own psychology blog.

Heres why we think its such a good idea:

  1. It acts as your reflective log – at the end of most psychology degrees you have to complete a reflective piece of work to show what you’ve learnt and how that learning has helped you. After 3 years its easy to forget what you’ve learnt but if you’ve been keeping a blog you can easily check back.
  2. It helps to consolidate learning – we all know (especially psychologists) that re-writing what you’ve learnt in your own words is a great way of helping new information commit to memory.
  3. It will be a great addition to your CV/Resume – there is no denying that getting started with a psychology career is extremely competitive, having your own psychology blog will not only add a bit of unique experience to your CV but will also give you a little extra something to talk about at interviews.
  4. Its a great way of networking – they say its not what you know but who you know, starting your networking early can be a great way of making important connections that will help you in the future.
  5. Its fun – people generally start studying psychology because they love it, sharing some of that great knowledge and amazing theories is a great, and fun experience.

If you’re ready to get started with your own psychology blog then you can do so easily with our free guide: How To Start Your Own Psychology Blog in Less Than One Hour.

We thoroughly recommend Bluehost to set up your blog, you can read more about them in the guide.

Over to you!