5 Awesome Blog Posts About Introverts

Introvert (and Extrovert) research has been a hot topic over the past few years.

One of the reasons this area of research has proved so popular is that people are able to relate to findings from research.

So here is a collection of some great, recent blog posts about introverts.

1. Introverts: You Were Born That Way

23e74abd487923d8f90ff79249a37e98Ever wondered why people are either introverts or extroverts? Turns out we might be born that way.

2. When Introverts and Extroverts Attract

When Introverts and Extroverts AttractThe differences may attract, but do they cause problems?

3. Introverts Can Hinder Extroverted Co-Workers’ Careers

Introverts Can Hinder Extroverted Co-Workers’ CareersBut what can be done about it?

4. Can Introverts Become Leaders?Can Introverts Become Leaders?Of course they can! but how?

5. Introverts Prefer Mountains: How Your Personality Affects Where You Should Live

Introverts Prefer Mountains: How Your Personality Affects Where You Should LiveWhile this help you to decide your next property move?

It’s important to bear in mind that introversion and extroversion is a sliding scale, people are rarely entirely introverted or extroverted so while these might make sense you some people, its important not to take them too practically, especially when deciding where to buy your next house!